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Nomad Gastronomy Restaurant

The inspiration of the name comes from the nomads , whose way of life was travel.

Nomad opened its gates in May 2022, in a 15 th century mansion, in the medieval city of Rhodes.

The heart of the restaurant, is the dining area, a large summer courtyard, which combines the medieval aura in a romantic atmosphere, under the starry sky.


  • 12 islands
    Spinach, crispy crust with sesame, feta, cream cheese, dill & honey vinaigrette.
  • Napoletana
    Iceberg, shrimps, grilled pineapple, crouton & Caesar dressing.
  • Cote d Azur
    Endives, valerian, walnut, peach, mushrooms & Roquefort dressing.
  • Catalana
    Beetroot leaves, pomegranate, fig, jamon, churros & dressing petimezi.
  • Breads & Dips
    Variety of bread, breadsticks, extra virgin olive oil G dips.


  • Ceviche
    Valley shrimps, chili, lemon, passion fruit, onion corn G mint.
  • Octopus
    Octopus, white taramas cream, caramelised onions, orange fillet & glaze lemon.
  • Carpaccio
    White* fish fillet, sea urchin, coriander, chili, tonka & lemon oil dressing. (Depending on the supply of the day).
  • Tuna – Ki
    With sesame crust, cauliflower – coconut puree & merlot sauce.

Nomad Gastronomy

On this journey, their travel path starts from Rhodes, crossing the Aegean and mainland Greece, continuing in the direction of southern Italy, passing through the coasts of southern France and ending in the Iberian Peninsula, in the city of Rodi, a colony of ancient Lindia.

Returning to their base , influenced by the Mediterranean culture, they use their main method – the collection of seasonally available plants of locality, fishing or hunting and captured it them gastronomically in our menu.

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Nomad Gastronomy
Old Town Rhodes